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Press release
Belgium: SPIE reinforces its expertise in the hospital sector

Brussels, April 12th, 2018 – SPIE Belgium, a subsidiary of the SPIE Group, the independent European leader in multi-technical services, has been working in the hospital sector for many years. Recently, its expertise has enabled it to carry out several operations that each presented specific challenges. Here, we take a closer look at three of SPIE Belgium’s assignments in the medical sector: the Ambroise Paré university hospital in Mons, AZ Delta hospital in Roulers, and UZ Leuven university hospital in Louvain.

Each of these three projects in their own way really demanded a lot from SPIE. Working in a hospital environment represents a significant challenge. The running of the hospital and its equipment cannot be interrupted at any point, patients and medical staff are constantly present on the site, and medical services need to be provided round the clock.

These projects presented specific challenges that SPIE Belgium was able to overcome. For the Ambroise Paré university hospital in Mons, SPIE played a part in assembling prefabricated units in Germany. This “turnkey” project required a SPIE team to be present at the assembly site in Germany in order to coordinate the prefabrication process. The team working on this project also needed to be present at the Mons site to ensure that the modules were properly integrated into the hospital. This approach demanded great flexibility in terms of staff mobility (on an international scale).

In addition, SPIE Belgium frequently had to focus all its efforts on both the AZ Delta and UZ Leuven hospitals. From extending the new clinic at Roulers, to building the largest medical operating department in western Europe, to designing and constructing a proton therapy center at UZ Leuven university hospital, SPIE’s multidisciplinary teams were always hard at work. SPIE’s current day-to-day tasks include, amongst many others, organizing itself on site, keeping noise disturbance and dust emissions to a strict minimum, arranging for deliveries to take place during the least busy times of the day, coordinating work to be performed during the night or weekends, ensuring that the clinic is always supplied with electricity and provides optimum levels of comfort to patients and staff, and, above all, establishing a safe working environment.

In recent years, SPIE Belgium has managed multiple projects, either on its own or on a subcontracted basis, at a number of hospitals, such as at the AZ Jan Palfijn in Ghent, OLV Ziekenhuis in Alost, AZ Alma in Eeklo and AZ Groeninge in Courtrai, to name but a few. This wide range of major projects has made SPIE Belgium a key multidisciplinary partner in the hospital sector.

Helping its clients to construct new facilities and maintain existing ones is still one of SPIE’s true callings.



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