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Céline Evans-Verfay is awarded the Workplace Environment New Talent Trophy - Success for a SPIE trainee

Saint-Denis, 23 November 2018 – At the 14th ARSEG award ceremony held in Cannes last night, Céline Evans-Verfay was awarded the 2018 Workplace Environment New Talent Trophy. The award highlights the quality of both her work on Knowledge Management and of her training within SPIE.

For the past 14 years, the ARSEG (Facility Management Directors Association) awards have been recognising outstanding initiatives in the areas of workplace environment and employee services. With recent developments in employee services, this market is in the midst of change, and so is Facility Management. ARSEG has opted to focus on promoting student profiles that are at the heart of the core issues of the profession. Céline Evans-Verfay, currently employed on a permanent contract at SPIE Facilities following two years combining work and study, was awarded the 2018 Workplace Environment New Talent Trophy.

Training for a profession with a future

In late 2016, Céline Evans-Verfay joined the Innovation, Reports and Methods Department (DIEM) of SPIE Facilities as part of an apprenticeship in partnership with the University of Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée. As a springboard for the world of work, the two years she spent combining work and study enabled Céline to get to grips with a new profession within SPIE Facilities. Her job is to manage national contracts by positioning herself as a Facility Management solutions integrator for customers and end users (B2B2C). As their sole point of contact, the national contracts manager supports customers from the inception of the contract to the renewal phase, ensuring the standardisation of the multi-technical, multi-service and Facility Management offering.

Knowledge Management: a vital tool for SPIE Facilities

As a result of the challenges she found in the Innovation, Reports and Methods Department (DIEM), Céline Evans-Verfay developed an interest in Knowledge Management, making it the core focus of her research work. Knowledge Management is strategic to the performance of her duties, which include promoting the knowledge and know-how of employees and identifying and sharing good practice with the aim of developing disruptive tools in the services and Facility Management sector. In other words, the innovation process relies on human resources, organisational factors and tools, enabling SPIE Facilities to be more competitive.

The initiative implemented in the National Contracts Management unit could be rolled out across the entire organisation. We rely on the expertise of a multidisciplinary team to support our customers in their strategy and transformation in the digital era”, explains Cyril Pouet, Managing Director of SPIE Facilities.

The maturity and pertinence of Céline Evans-Verfay’s ideas were recognised by the ARSEG panel. As a result, she was invited to present her vision of her future profession alongside four other students at the Workplace Meetings event held in Cannes: “At SPIE Facilities, I’ve been able to gauge the importance of Knowledge Management. It’s a system of initiatives, methods and tools aimed at creating a flow of knowledge and expertise to ensure success for both the company and its customers. Engaging in constant dialogue helps to stimulate collective intelligence with the aim of improving innovation within SPIE Facilities.”



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