Major projects

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CHU Toulouse – Pierre Paul Riquet (PPR) clinic

Electrical and HVAC installations at the Pierre Paul Riquet clinic in Toulouse (Haute-Garonne), a project by SPIE Sud-Ouest.

With a total floor space of 85,000 m2, the Pierre Paul Riquet clinic covers a surface of 200 metres long and 100 metres wide on nine levels.
The building contains:

  • 600 beds
  • 26 operating rooms
  • 57 shared anaesthesia units
  • a training centre
  • a lecture hall

SPIE Sud-Ouest (as part of a consortium) received the electrical engineering and HVAC portions of this contract.

The electrical engineering portion included two sections: high voltage and low voltage.

The high-voltage section included:

  • 6 redundant transformer substations
  • Low-voltage panel boards
  • Distribution boards
  • Inverters
  • Electrical distribution (1,000 km of cable)
  • Lighting (16,000 bulbs)
  • PC/FM (17,000 PC)
  • Automation (7,000 points)

The project was led by a consortium consisting of SPIE Sud-Ouest / Fontanié and Snef.

For the low-voltage section, services included:

  • Fire protection (4,500 alarms and 2,200 sprinkler valves)
  • Access control (700 doors)
  • Video protection (250 cameras)

The project was led by a consortium consisting of SPIE Sud-Ouest, Siemens and Snef.

Valued at €21 million, the contract included 30,000 design hours and 120,000 production hours on this 5-year project.

The HVAC portion of the project included a technical unit containing 23 operating blocks, representing:

  • 82 air treatment units
  • 2,000 terminal units
  • 700 radiators
  • 135 smoke ventilators
  • 2,500 sanitary installations

The project was led by a consortium consisting of SPIE Sud-Ouest, Tunzini and Promosanit.

Over 60,000 design hours and 310,000 work hours were needed for this part of the project. The HVAC section represented a total value of €25 million, while the plumbing section represented €15 million.