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Energy Performance Contract for the renovation of 64 housing units in Schiltigheim

On July 8, 2011, ICF Habitat and its subsidiary ICF Habitat Nord-Est signed the 1st Energy Performance Contract (EPC) with SPIE Est for the renovation of 64 social housing units at the Léo Lagrange residence in Schiltigheim (Alsace). For this contract, SPIE Est invested in renovations to improve the building’s energy efficiency. The subsidiary has guaranteed the energy performance of the building for a period of 20 years and will collect its fee through the actual savings generated by the renovation project.

This is the 1st EPC funded by a third-party in the French social housing sector. It is also the first French EPC signed in conjunction with the European FRESH programme. The contract helped establish standard project specifications and a standard contract for future EPC in social housing.

On this contract, SPIE’s commitments include:

  • renovation of insulation on facades, attics and low ceilings in parking garages,
  • creation of closed balconies,
  • replacement of all outside woodwork,
  • renovation of heating systems (electric radiators replaced by radiative and accumulating heaters),
  • renovation of the domestic hot water system/central heating for each building powered by natural gas,
  • compliance with electrical and accessibility standards,
  • interior renovation of housing units (painting, plumbing, electricity),
  • maintenance of boilers and water softeners over 20 years with scheduled replacement,
  • energy performance over 20 years,
  • funding of the project by a third-party investor,
  • on-site instruments for monitoring energy performance and supporting the ecological practices of residents,
  • IPMVP to ensure compliance with commitments.

Contributing to the green economy

After renovation, energy performance indicators improved significantly, nearly reaching the level required for BBC low-energy certification for renovation work, with an average consumption rate of 104 KWhep/m² per unit, down from the previous level of 247 KWhep/m².



Xavier Morel
Development Director

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