SPIE’s corporate governance is based on the systematic implementation of the principles of transparency, risk prevention and management and the definition of its responsibilities and values.

Clayax Acquisition, the Group’s holding company, has a number of committees:

The Audit Committee

This committee monitors the Group's internal procedures on financial commitments, gives an opinion on the draft company and consolidated financial statements and the Group’s accounting policies and methods and selects prospective statutory auditors.

The Compensation Committee

This committee advises the Board of Directors on all issues relating to Group policy on human resources and labour law (compensation, amendments to collective agreements and any other policy changes concerning human resources and labour law). The committee submits proposals and recommendations to the Board of Directors on the Group’s executive compensation policy and any significant changes to collective agreements or its labour policy.

The Strategy and Acquisitions Committee

This committee establishes the Group’s policy on acquisitions and financing. For this reason, all Group companies are required to consult the committee on any major transfer, acquisition, disposal, contribution, merger or spin-off proposal when the transaction reaches a pre-determined threshold.

The Group also contains two specialised committees:

The General Management Committee

This committee establishes and enacts SPIE’s operational strategy, while ensuring the company complies through its actions. This committee meets once a month and brings together the general managers of the Group’s subsidiaries, the SPIE Chairman & CEO, the Chief Financial Officer, the Human Resources Director and the Strategy and Development Director.
The committee includes 15 members that reflect the Group’s European governance.

The Risk Assessment Committee

This committee makes recommendations relating to the advisability of projects that represent a certain level of risk for the Group.

Members of the General Management Committee

Chairman and CEO, SPIE
Chief Operating Officer for France, SPIE
Chief Financial Officer, SPIE
Managing Director, SPIE Oil & Gas Services
Managing Director, SPIE Belgium
Managing Director, SPIE Nucléaire
Managing Director, SPIE Île-de-France Nord-Ouest
Managing Director of SPIE GmbH
Managing Director, SPIE Sud-Ouest
Managing Director, SPIE Communications
Managing Director, SPIE Sud-Est
Managing Director, SPIE Ouest-Centre
Managing Director of SPIE Est
Human Resources Director, SPIE
Managing Director, SPIE Nederland
Executive Vice President, Strategy and Development, SPIE

SPIE’s organisation includes six management departments that apply the Group’s global policies.

Gauthier Louette, Chairman and CEO

Mergers and Acquisitions Department, Jerôme Vanhove

Group Risk Control and Internal Audit Department, Jean-Philippe Riehl

Communications Department, Pascal Omnès

Finance and Administration Department, Denis Chêne

  • Accounting and Tax Department, Philippe Pellerin
  • Financial Control Department, Jean-Philippe Beck
  • Operations Control Department, Bernard Rolland de Ravel
  • Treasury and Financing Department, Théophile Halley
  • Legal Department, Pascal Colbatzky
  • Project Director, Rémy Dumoulin

Executive Vice President, Strategy and Development, Alfredo Zarowsky

  • Sustainable Development Department, Gilles Landry
  • Business Development and Marketing Department, François Gauvrit
  • Services Development Department, Alfredo Zarowsky
  • IT Systems Department, Olivier Parent
  • Group Purchasing Department, Pablo Ibañez
  • Group Real Estate Department, Patrick Quenardel

Human Resources Department, Thierry Smagghe

  • Human Resources Development Department, Fabio Di Mario
  • Compensation and Benefits Department, Nathalie Davalo
  • Industrial Relations France Department, David Fonteneau