SPIE’s organisation includes six management departments that apply the Group’s global policies.

Gauthier Louette, Chairman and CEO

Mergers and Acquisitions Department, Jerôme Vanhove

Group Risk Control and Internal Audit Department, Jean-Philippe Riehl

Communications Department, Pascal Omnès

Finance and Administration Department, Denis Chêne

  • Accounting and Tax Department, Philippe Pellerin
  • Financial Control Department, Jean-Philippe Beck
  • Operations Control Department, Bernard Rolland de Ravel
  • Treasury and Financing Department, Théophile Halley
  • Legal Department, Pascal Colbatzky
  • Project Director, Rémy Dumoulin

Executive Vice President, Strategy and Development, Alfredo Zarowsky

  • Sustainable Development Department, Gilles Landry
  • Business Development and Marketing Department, François Gauvrit
  • Services Development Department, Alfredo Zarowsky
  • IT Systems Department, Olivier Parent
  • Group Purchasing Department, Pablo Ibañez
  • Group Real Estate Department, Patrick Quenardel

Human Resources Department, Thierry Smagghe

  • Human Resources Development Department, Fabio Di Mario
  • Compensation and Benefits Department, Nathalie Davalo
  • Industrial Relations France Department, David Fonteneau