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The companies of the SPIE Group have demonstrated their knowledge around the world for more than 170 years.

The three companies that combined to form the SPIE Group are; Société de Construction des Batignolles, Schneider and Société Parisienne pour l’Industrie Électrique, were established by three visionary entrepreneurs: Ernest Goüin, Eugène Schneider and Édouard Empain, respectively. They developed their knowledge in a wide range of fields including railways, civil engineering, water networks, purification systems, electrical grids and pipelines.
The companies subsidiaries each bringing with it its own industrial culture and have survived historical changes, wars, revolutions and the rise and fall of colonial empires. Through a series of mergers and demergers, the companies kept alive a spirit of technical adventure over the three industrial revolutions of recent history.
Today, SPIE has emerged as a European leader in electrical, mechanical and climatic engineering, as well as energy and communications systems.
Take a look back at the four major periods in Group history…

A History of SPIE, born and reborn – an interactive book
Relive the history of SPIE in augmented reality. The 350 page e-book ‘A history of SPIE, born and reborn’ takes you on an interactive tour of the Group’s history, with 3D animation, maps, video and audio clips, exclusive documents from the archive, and more.