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Internet of things, apps, collaborative solutions, pay-per-use... What are the drivers of digital innovation?

Paris, 3 April 2018 – What do IT systems managers and IT decision makers think about digital innovations? How do digital transformation architects plan to integrate them to serve the strategy of their company? How do these innovations serve the user experience? 

An opinion poll survey conducted by SPIE ICS and Mitel on 21 March 2018 with 123 French IT systems managers and IT decision makers addressed these issues by demonstrating the maturity of a founding principle of the cloud: pay-per-use. 

This survey also revealed that the Internet of Things (IoT), unified and collaborative communications (UCC) and apps are at the heart of the digital transformation of companies, already integrated into the strategy of IT systems managers. 

Based on this survey, SPIE ICS and its partner Mitel have created an infographic* illustrating the roles of digital transformation from the viewpoint of IT systems managers and IT decision makers. 

Highlights include: 

  • 63% believe that offering their employees apps improves the user experience; 
  • 88% feel that pay-per-use is the model of the future; 
  • Refocusing on their core business seems to be the main benefit (41%) of a migration from a communication system to the cloud; 
  • 83% consider unified communications to be a digital transformation project; 
  • 16% envision the integration of IoT into their information systems through contact centres. 

* Computer graphics « L’innovation numérique au service de l’expérience utilisateur »