Major projects

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Renovation of offshore platforms

In January 2012, SPIE Oil & Gas Services was awarded a new Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contract in Gabon.

This contract calls for construction and renovation work at the offshore platforms in the Anguille and Torpille fields. Located 18 km southwest of the Port-Gentil peninsula, these 2 fields were discovered by TOTAL in 1962. Production began in 1966.
As specified in the contract, SPIE Oil & Gas Services is responsible for electrical, telecommunications and instrumentation installations at 7 of the 16 platforms. For each of these platforms, SPIE Oil & Gas Services will perform:

  • Specific studies, Electricity and Instrumentation (E&I) construction,
  • Materials procurement, transport and transit,
  • Personnel designation for the offshore,
  • Renovation work,
  • Pre-launch validation and tests,
  • Assistance with commissioning.

This offshore renovation project is scheduled to conclude in July 2013.

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Aberrahim Mezouak
Project Manager