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SPIE Group takes shape (1998-2006)

The late 20th and early 21st centuries are a crucial time of consolidation and expansion for SPIE, as it restructures its activities and broadens its international development.


SPIE Batignolles becomes SPIE SA, the Group’s lead company. Three main subsidiaries emerge:

  • SPIE Batignolles, specialising in construction activities
  • SPIE Enertrans, specialising in energy and rail transport activities
  • SPIE Trindel, specialising in electrical engineering and local services



SPIE acquires the French Group Laurent Bouillet, a leader in climatic engineering, and launches activities in Germany.



SPIE continues its external growth and European development with acquisitions in communication networks, such as Matra Nortel Communications Distribution, renamed SPIE Communications.



SPIE expands its specialty services in energy and rail transport by acquiring Foraid, Osiris and Technifer.



Under the name AMEC SPIE, the Group becomes a full subsidiary of the British company AMEC, serving as its Continental Europe division. SPIE continues its development in oil services with the acquisition of Ipedex.
The same year, SPIE Batignolles is bought out by its senior managers.



AMEC and the investment fund PAI Partners agree on an acquisition deal granting AMEC SPIE to PAI. Following approval by the European Union, the acquisition is finalised on July 27. The Group returns to its original name SPIE and reveals its new visual identity on September 14.