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Press release
SPIE replaces a 110 kV aerial line on behalf of Schleswig-Holstein Netz AG

- SPIE has won the Schleswig-Holstein Netz AG tender for the replacement of a 110 kV aerial line between the Heide and Heide/West transformer stations


- The installation of 17 new electricity pylons started in May 2018 and is scheduled to be completed by January 2019


- The higher-capacity line ensures that the wind power generated in the Dithmarschen district (North Sea) can in the future supply the whole distribution network and transmitted on a national level


Braunschweig, July 24th, 2018 – Schleswig-Holstein Netz AG has commissioned SPIE to replace a 110 kV aerial line between the Heide and Heide/West transformer stations. SPIE is responsible for the dismantling and new installation of 17 electricity pylons with a higher capacity 110 kV aerial line across a 6 km stretch in the Dithmarschen district. The new line has become necessary due to the increased renewable energy capacities, to enable the wind power generated in the Dithmarschen district to supply the extra high voltage grid in future. SPIE will complete the tract as scheduled by the end of January 2019. The contract and works started in May 2018.

Uninterruptible power supply

This is the second time SPIE intervenes in the Dithmarschen district on behalf of Schleswig-Holstein Netz AG. In 2016, the multi-technology services provider was responsible for the installation of a 110 kV aerial line between the Marne/West and Süderdonn transformer stations. “We are familiar with the soil quality in the area,” explains Nadine Schneider, Project Manager at SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa. “Mud and clay present a challenge at every stage of the project, since we have to prepare the soil for the works and create the foundations for the new electricity pylons, meaning that we have to anchor them firmly in the soil.” SPIE’s expertise in the installation of power lines in all kinds of weather is especially in demand for this contract, because the lines must be up and running from January 2019. “The replacement works run parallel to the conversion operations on the intermediate transformer stations, which are to function at full capacity by the end of January 2019. This requires accurate planning,”’ emphasises Nadine Schneider. SPIE warrants an uninterruptible power supply over the entire period and to this end is installing a provisional aerial line and three temporary site cables, which run next to the existing cable route. These works will be completed by the end of August 2018. SPIE will then successively dismantle the existing electricity pylons, after which the new electricity pylons will be erected, and the power cables installed.

Grid reinforcement in the Dithmarschen district by 2020

SPIE is responsible for the complete replacement of 17 electricity pylons, for which it coordinates ten or more employees and additional subcontractors, depending on the project phase. The replacement works are part of a larger grid reinforcement project by Schleswig-Holstein Netz AG. 80 electricity pylons in total are to be replaced between Heide and Strübbel by 2020.



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