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Press release
20 Minutes steps up its digitisation strategy with SPIE Communications

Malakoff, 27 October 2015 - 20 Minutes, leading brand name in the press for the under-50s, has entrusted SPIE Communications with a six-year contract for digital data transport and cloud computing services.

Looking ahead to its move to new headquarters, 20 Minutes wished to benefit from open-ended, superfast broadband solutions offered by multi-operator services and decided to rely on SPIE Communications for this project. The services package proposed will cover the acquisition of a totally resilient infrastructure, a WAN catering for all the new needs of this media firm and its editorial team and, at a later stage, cloud computing.

Service provider selection criteria

During its consultation with service providers, the 20 Minutes information systems department closely examined the most suitable technological and economic offerings, and gauged tenderers’ ability to deliver tailor-made solutions responding as closely as possible to its operational requirements and to make a firm commitment to providing local services in order to build a long-lasting, dependable partnership.

Enhancing the performance of operator connections and application availability

Chosen for its offering meeting the challenges of information system management, SPIE Communications will take charge of the migration of operator links, WAN upgrading and the migration of business specific applications and help 20 Minutes transform its information system.

Thanks to the high-availability data networks connecting up its Paris headquarters, its local branches and SPIE Communications data centers, 20 Minutes can access the web and cloud computing services at speeds of up to 2 Gbps, so guaranteeing its continuous media activities by means of a sophisticated IT infrastructure and supporting its digital development projects.

Linked up by dark optical fibre, the head office will be securely interconnected to SPIE Communications data centers which will provide firewalling solutions. The six other regional sites are also connected to the data centers by redundant links to guarantee absolutely constant connection to applications.

The hybrid cloud solution provided by SPIE Communications and backed by its French data centers enable technical teams to work in the cloud on demand in the event of existing nominal infrastructure being overloaded or inoperative.

From engineering to supervision and operation, SPIE Communications undertakes to provide flexible services with a high level of availability, offering the capability of absorbing big increases in data flows. 20 Minutes will take care of the migration of its data and servers in cloud mode at its own pace in order to share its environments and add supplementary IT resources as and when needed. Furthermore, the data rate at 20 Minutes head office will be increased from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps to significantly optimise digital uses.

This solution will also allow the Paris head office removals to be conducted without any break in service, while providing an information system that will be able to grow in step with its increasing digital activity which has already reached a readership of 17 million a month, with 62% of those readers using digital access equipment.

Assistant Managing Director of 20 Minutes Frédéric Lecarme, responsible for operations and information systems, summed up: "As the editor of the most widely read newspaper in France and of websites and apps that are the most frequently used from month to month, I believe 20 Minutes has to be at the cutting edge of technology and must adapt to ongoing innovations. Our collaboration with SPIE Communications meets that objective with the supply of efficient information systems and cloud computing solutions that are now strategically vital."



Pascal Omnès
Communications Director
Tel.: +33 (0)1 34 22 58 21

SPIE Communications

Véronique Dupré
Tel.: +33 (0)1 41 46 42 07


Clotilde Riffault
Press relations consultant
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