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Press release
2012 local authorities exhibition: SPIE unveils the "smart town"

Exhibition for mayors and Local Authorities
November 20, 21, and 22, 2012
Porte de Versailles
SPIE stand: E 04 - Hall 2.2

For its fifth year as an exhibitor at the local authorities exhibition, SPIE's stand is showcasing the “smart town at the service of citizens”. Spotlighting the Group's solutions in the three key fields of transport, energy efficient buildings and broadband networks for all, SPIE presence at the exhibition will be punctuated by three main events:
  • Presentation of a trophy for “getting lighting right to optimise spending” to councillors from 12 local authorities that chose the SPIE Group to take charge of the sustainable management of their street lighting (Tuesday; 20 November, on the SPIE stand – from 5 pm to 6 pm);
  • Conference on the topic of “a smart town at the service of citizens” (Wednesday, 21 November, Pavilion 2.2, Room 22 – from 2.15 to 3.15 pm);
  • Presentation of the Group's offering entitled “Electric vehicle charging infrastructure – An opportunity for local authorities” (Thursday, 22 November, on the SPIE stand – from 11.15 to 12.15 am).

Sustainable mobility: the future of transport
To optimise travel flows and safety, SPIE is involved in every field of transport and plays an active part in projects to reconfigure and improve urban and suburban travel plans. SPIE is also an increasingly committed player in the field of sustainable mobility, as an electric vehicle charging infrastructure installer. Independent of charging point and vehicle manufacturers, the Group provides solutions and advice for the complete installation of vehicle charging facilities: network routing; charging point foundations and supporting structures; installation, protection and connection of charging points; road markings and signs. Energy efficiency: major savings
Unprecedented technological changes are taking place in public lighting. It is now possible to supervise all networks and combine enhanced urban lighting with energy savings. SPIE has adopted an approach specifically targeting each local environment so as to implement lighting installation plans responding to specified objectives. By renovating their street lighting networks, local authorities can benefit from much more efficient installations while also protecting the environment and achieving savings of up to 40% or more.
Improving the energy efficiency of buildings (through energy performance contracts) is another important priority. Energy efficiency services are provided by SPIE's specialised teams whose day-to-day job is bringing installations into line with ISO 14001 environmental management system standards. Wide access to broadband
As a leader in communication systems and expert in IT facilities management, SPIE supplies local authorities with networks comprising the most suitable cutting-edge equipment and provides them with ongoing support to ensure optimal operation of the services provided and the dissemination of information to local people. « Our very wide range of skills cover the reconstruction of buried electric power networks, the replacement of remote-managed lamp-posts, the installation of electric vehicle charging points, monument lighting, electronic information panels and the deployment of fibre-optic networks, as well as providing innovative solutions to save energy, developing clean energies and so on, » says Daniel Boscari, SPIE's project financing and local authorities development manager.
« With its organisation based on local presence, its expertise, its specialised personnel and the comprehensive deployment of its multitechnical competencies, SPIE contributes to the well-ordered development of urban environments and helps make towns and villages more attractive. » Press contacts

Pascal Omnès
Communications director 
Tel.: +33 (0)1 34 22 58 21 

Daniel Boscari
Project financing and local authorities development manager
Tel.: +33 (0)1 34 22 69 60

Agence Droit Devant
Philippe Hériard
Tel.: + 33(0)1 39 53 53 33