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2016 “Safety Day” - SPIE publishes its first Group-wide “Health & Safety Code”

Cergy, 20 June 2016 – Held on 13 June, SPIE’s “Safety Day” gave the Group the opportunity to develop its internal safety regulations and publish its “Health & Safety Code”, which is aimed at all its employees.

The “SPIE Safety Day” raised awareness among all employees of safety issues common to all the Group’s subsidiaries. “It’s a key date, a type of tradition that we are looking to establish so that everyone – managers and technicians alike – can join forces on the issue of prevention,” says SPIE Group Sustainable Development Director Gilles Landry. “Though each subsidiary staged the event in line with the functions they perform and the countries where they are based, in doing so they all shared the same objective: to make prevention a key and visible component of life at SPIE.”

As part of this latest event, the Sustainable Development management team issued the Group-wide “Health & Safety Code”, the aim of which is to remind each and every employee of the basic rules they need to follow in all places and at all times. The rules centre on the following five themes: electricity and other forms of energy; working at height and lifting activities; while driving; preparation; and implementation. “This code draws together and updates the essential rules that each employee is required to observe,” explains Landry. “Our objective here is to ensure stringent prevention practices take root and to ensure that we never settle for the results we obtain, no matter how satisfactory they are.

A SPIE-wide initiative

Forwarded to SPIE’s 38,000 employees in Europe and around the world on “Safety Day”, the “Health & Safety Code” has been drawn up with the very close involvement of Group management, not least the Chairman and CEO Gauthier Louette and the managing directors of the subsidiaries. The employees of SPIE GmbH, our German subsidiary, were thus able to put their questions directly to managing director Markus Holzke in a special webchat, while a facilitation guide was also created to help managers raise maximum awareness among their teams.

At SPIE Nederland, the SPIE “Health & Safety Code” was posted to each employee along with a letter from managing director Lei Ummels. The subsidiary’s departments also organised special “coffee breaks” and meetings to discuss the code. Meanwhile, three of SPIE UK’s centres (Glasgow, Manchester and London) hosted respective “Safety Day” workshops expanding on specific areas of the Code, namely “working at height”, “risks on the road” and “electrical hazards”. “Safety Day” and the unveiling of the “Health & Safety Code” saw the Group’s other subsidiaries engage in similar initiatives, all with a view to ensuring employees each make these prevention requirements an integral part of their daily routines.

“The first duty of a SPIE manager is to ensure that the employees they are responsible for go home in good health every evening,” adds Landry. “In ensuring that, these Group-wide rules provide a point of reference that should always be within easy reach.”



Pascal Omnès
Communications Director
Tel.: +33 (0)1 34 41 81 11

Gilles Landry
Sustainable Development Director
Tel.: +33 (0)1 34 41 82 14