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Press release
2019 SPIE Safety Day: “Everyone has a role to play!”

Cergy, 23 July 2019 – On 17 June, SPIE, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, held its 2019 “Safety Day”. Centred around the motto “everyone has a role to play”, all SPIE subsidiaries took part with the aim of reflecting on the role of every individual in ensuring the safety of all.

A popular event among staff members

Since 2010, SPIE has held an annual “Safety Day” dedicated to raising awareness of the company’s safety policy among staff members. For this ninth edition, the Group was keen to emphasise the role that every staff member plays in risk prevention.

We often see the same story over and over again: an accident occurs as a result of a succession of mistakes and inappropriate decisions.

Rob Goodhew, Chief Executive Officer of SPIE UK, highlights the key challenge of the day: “Preventing accidents requires the commitment of the entire organisation. In the work we do at SPIE, whatever that may be, we all have choices to make that can have an impact on safety. We all have a responsibility to do everything we can to prevent accidents from happening – especially those that relate to our major risks.”

The 2019 “Safety Day” brought together 27,000 participants. Operational and support staff were able to meet and exchange views on their roles as individuals in improving safety and preventing accidents.

Every single employee, regardless of their area of activity or level of seniority, has the right and the duty to contribute to making SPIE an even safer workplace”, explains Jérôme Lesne, Sustainable Development Director at SPIE. “From the Executive Committee to site workers, we all have a role to play in ensuring safety in the workplace. This one-day event helps us to reflect on this role, to define it and to adhere to it”.

The positives noted by employees include sharing good practice, discussing specific issues and launching local initiatives. Employees also reported enjoying the range of scenarios based on real accidents, demonstrating the involvement of every individual in the safety chain.

Reflecting on cases of real accidents

With SPIE employees actively involved through small group work, the latest “Safety Day” was held in three phases. Phase one, designed as a feedback phase, was an opportunity for everyone to see how their everyday preventive actions act as vital links in the safety chain.

Phase two involved a case study of an accident presented in the form of a cartoon. Each participant was required to take on the role of the people involved in the accident and to think about the decisions that should have been made to prevent the accident from occurring. “The cases studied are by no means theoretical – they’re accidents that actually happened, notes Jérôme Lesne, Sustainable Development Director at SPIE. For example, our employees specialising in the industrial sector considered the example of an accident that occurred as a result of an electric cable, which was assumed to be out of service, being cut.”.

By way of concluding the session, all participants were invited to make an achievable and immediately applicable commitment to enable them to make a contribution to safety within the Group.

All actors of the security "chain"

Year after year, the SPIE “Safety Days” – a real highlight for all employees – contribute to building a lasting safety culture. Olivier Domergue, Managing Director of SPIE France, explains how “we should all feel responsible for controlling the risks around our activities and, therefore, for determining the best solutions to protect our collaborators. Safety should be a constant concern at all levels of our organisations and a driver of performance within the company”.

Beyond the “spotlight” shone by the event, preventive actions to ensure safety continue throughout the year through a wide range of local and national initiatives that form part of a long-term approach, with examples including the Mobile Safety Schools in France and the development of the Safety Champion principle in the United Kingdom[1].


[1]“Safety Champion” principle: each team appoints a staff member to focus specifically on safety over a period of 4 weeks, at which point another member takes over. The scheme was also adopted by SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa in 2018.



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