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Press release
44 photovoltaic power units on utility buildings in east Corsica

SPIE Sud-Est is installing a rooftop photovoltaic power plant with a peak capacity of 4.4 MW for Swiss investment company SUSI Partners.
From February to September this year, teams from our Provence division will be fitting 29,000 sq. m. of photovoltaic panels on recently constructed utility buildings. This project entails installing and wiring 18,688 modules and 132 31-kW inverters. This solar power facility will be equipped with a monitoring system for its remote management and to measure its performance and energy availability factor. The plant will eventually generate 6,072 MWh a year, enough power for 1,340 homes. This project will result in annual savings of 546 tonnes of carbon emissions from this beautiful Mediterranean. The work entrusted to SPIE is worth €4.8 million, excluding supplies.
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