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What exactly does SPIE do? With 48,000 employees across six main European countries, SPIE is the European independent pure-player leader in multi-technical services in the energy and communications sectors.

What is its mission? To actively participate in the fight against climate change and to adapt living environments in order to achieve an energy transition and sustainable digital transformation that are synonymous with sustainable progress for every citizen. 

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Key figures for the SPIE Group for 2021. SPIE is committed to supporting the energy transition, accelerating the digital transformation and becoming a responsible and inclusive stakeholder for regions.

In the fight against climate change, SPIE provides innovative technical solutions to achieve the energy transition and drive digital transformation.

Supporting cities and businesses
Design, install, maintain
Smart city - 37% ; e-fficient buildings - 20% ; Energies - 28% ; Industry services - 15% (Total: €7bn)

As the Independent European leader, we are present throughout all sectors of the economy. 

A local presence :
United Kingdom
Czech Republic

For oil and gas activities:
Middle East

We ensure everyone has access to essential services: transport and mobility, energy production and distribution, IT and communications systems.

In 2021,
Revenue: €7 billion
Performance (EBITA): €427m    
Green share of our revenue: 42% (EU taxonomy)

By 2025, we commit to 
Reach 50% of Green share of SPIE’s revenue 
Reducing our direct carbon footprint by 25% compared to 2019 (scopes 1 & 2)
Sourcing 67% of indirect emissions (purchases) from suppliers who have set ambitious targets for reducing their carbon footprint. (scope 3)
Reducing the severe accidents by 50% compared to 2019
Increase by 25% the number of women in key management positions compared to 2020

With our 48,000 employees, with our 25,000 customers and all our stakeholders, SPIE is committed to:
1- Supporting the energy transition
2- Accelerating the digital transformation
3- Becoming a responsible and inclusive stakeholder for regions

In the fight against climate change, SPIE is part of the solution.

For more information, read our Integrated Annual Report on: rai2021.spie.com

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