Since its foundation in 1900 in order to successfully establish the Parisian metro, SPIE has contributed to multiples revolutions, notably within the energy sector. Preparing the energy future, SPIE provides solutions to its customers to produce a safer, more competitive and sustainable energy.

Five challenges to supporting energy suppliers. And fostering the energy transition.


Prioritising energy innovation

Smart electricity substations and new high-voltage lines, stocking renewable energy, digital simulations and data sharing in nuclear power stations, remote maintenance of oil facilities... our services are at the heart of the current changes taking place in the energy sector.

Intelligence is also in the network

From regulation of electricity lines to automation of substations and Smart Grid or Vehicle-to-Grid projects, our solutions provide support to face the new challenges in terms of network equilibrium, capturing renewable energy, developing towards new usages and more sustainable infrastructure.

Simplifying renewable energy

Thanks to our local organisation that allows us to be in close contact with our customers, we can manage not only the design and implementation of high-performance and low-carbon energy installations, but also all the regulatory and administrative processes, such as connection to the national electricity network.

Highlighting packaged services

Engineering studies, installation start-up, staff training, security systems, operation and maintenance... our teams bring together a range of multi-technical resources, methods and expertise, giving energy suppliers a competitive boost and allowing them to refocus on their areas of business.

The future is being invented today

In response to the growth in renewable energies and the impact of digital technology, power grids are being refigured across Europe. SPIE develops cooperative partnerships operating in areas such as Power-to-Gas and Power-to-Heat or combining solar energy and electric mobility.