Renewable energy

The race with the sun has begun: 64,000 photovoltaic panels deployed on a former open-cast mine. Studies, planning the dimensions of the structure, electrical and cabling installations, operational tests... everything has been planned to make this solar farm a reference in Central Europe.

Solutions to boost the development of green energy. And multiply its energy power.

As renewable energy sources are more and more diversified, solar, wind, hydraulic, geothermal, biogas, methane…, we offer tailored services to support suppliers on the unique characteristics of each project. For this, we are developing a high level of multi-technical expertise linked to a local organisation that guarantees project setup and monitoring in terms of regulatory, administrative and financial aspects.  This results in more reliable, competitive and innovative installations, as evidenced by numerous projects across Europe.

Fostering the expansion of renewable energies

Teams are close to their customers at each stage of the project, whatever its size and complexity, from the study and consultation phases to regulatory and administrative processes. Overall installation management that benefits from our crossed technical expertise, for instance in offshore modules now installed on offshore wind parcs.

Solutions for each source of green energy

Photovoltaic, wind, biomass, hydraulic, geothermal, cogeneration... cutting-edge solutions developed for each renewable energy source, drawing on the convergence between our digital and energy expertise together with specific knowledge of, for example, adiabatic systems in deep geothermal power stations.

Renewable innovations

High-voltage electricity substations equipped with solar panels, innovative cogeneration systems, electric mobility infrastructure that uses solar energy, development of low-carbon hydrogen... With our partners, we are involved in ambitious projects that are taking us towards the future of low-carbon energy across Europe.

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