Industry services

Driven by the digital and energy transition, the development of a smart, innovative and sustainable industry requires a global transformation of the value chain. A commitment that sits at the heart of our approach in all industry sectors, involving solutions that bring together new technologies, local organisations and advanced services.

Five challenges to supporting the industrial transformation. And profiting from an ultra-high-performance site.


Prioritising the security and safety of installations

Ensuring equipment compliance, building and infrastructure safety, securing industrial processes, cybersecurity... our safety approach is based on excellence practices and a strong risk control culture, with certifications including ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001.

Everything starts with an optimum environment

Fostering productivity and wellbeing within the teams in an optimal working environment: a requirement that goes hand in hand with innovative services: from improving the living environment and deploying information networks to replanning production lines, or even modernising workstations.

Improving the industrial value chain

Developing reactivity, optimising maintenance cycles, fostering energy efficiency, integrating new technologies... our teams of specialists provide you with long-term support, bringing together an improved production chain and new organisational models.

Industry 4.0 is an opportunity to be seized

We provide full digitisation of your installations, from the digital technology and interconnection of the production system, quality control and real-time detection of potential faults, to automation and robotics services, paving the way for new forms of production.

Highlighting breakthrough innovations

Within a highly competitive environment, we can help you to identify the new state-of-the-art technologies and services that will make the difference in your business sector, such as robotic palletising stations in the agri-food sector or predictive maintenance on assembly lines in aeronautics.