Smart city

The cities and regions of tomorrow are being invented today. For local authorities, this transformation towards a more connected and sustainable world implies not only innovative technologies, changes in approaches and new usage practices, but also closer and closer cooperation with citizens and all stakeholders concerned.

Five challenges to approaching the future of cities and regions differently. And taking a more long-term view with their inhabitants.


Putting the user at the heart of the new services

The new energy and digital services are bringing with them a profound transformation in practices and behaviours. Therefore, it is important to be close to users, as shown by our advanced solutions in areas such as home automation, electromobility, smart offices or even telemedicine.

Sustainable development of regions

In order to efficiently support changes in the regions, we are developing a high level of expertise in crucial fields such as renewable energy, sustainable mobility, smart cities and environmentally responsible urbanisation, through a local organisation that tackles the most specific local challenges.

Prioritising the appeal of quality of life

Whilst cities and regions are competing with one another to offer an optimum quality of life, we are making a significant contribution to developing urban attractiveness, from renovating housing and planning eco-districts to public lighting and video surveillance, or even smart car parks and public co-working spaces.

Highlighting disruptive technologies

Committed to ambitious urban digitisation projects, local authorities rely on the contributions made by new technologies such as Open Data, Big Data and the Internet of Things, especially in our remote equipment and digital citizen relationship management services.

A new collaborative culture

Urban operators, technological stakeholders, university teams... we collaborate with a range of partners to build open and scalable solutions, from cooperative partnerships with public authorities such as the Scottish Cities Alliance in the UK to urban initiatives conducted under the leadership of associations such as Citizen in Switzerland.