A relevant and effective strategy

As the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, SPIE focuses its strategy on the fight against climate change with a clear ambition: to respond to the energy and digital challenges faced by its customers and civil society in general through concrete and efficient solutions. To achieve this, the Group relies on its major strengths: its independent business model combining growth and profitability, the essential nature of its technical services and its position throughout the value chain of its customers' facilities, from their design to their maintenance. SPIE's local presence in all sectors of the economy also enables it to multiply practical innovations and share them widely from one sector to another.

Three major contributions

Faced with the environmental, economic and social challenges posed by the climate emergency, SPIE is firmly part of the solution and intends to play a useful role for all its stakeholders through three major contributions.

Preparing for the energy future

Energy and decarbonisation challenges are, by nature, extremely varied and concern a multitude of areas, from housing to transport to industry. SPIE has a wide range of expertise enabling the company to deal with this complexity and diversity. Our engineers and technicians know how to combine their expertise to meet the most demanding and diverse needs.

Developing a digital tool for creating shared value

The digital revolution is gaining momentum and has accelerated further in recent years, with, for example, the development of remote working, remote medical consultations and remote equipment maintenance. With its leading expertise and references, the Group supports its customers to help them benefit from this acceleration.

Promoting inclusion through employment

SPIE's employees are, and have always been, its most important asset: the added value they bring to their customers is based above all on their expertise, skills and human qualities. In all its activities and subsidiaries, the Group has made the health and safety of its employees its top priority. SPIE is committed to continuously improving the skills, well-being, opportunities and diversity of its employees within its teams.

Four strategic markets

SPIE supports customers with a wide range of profiles in four major markets:

Three growth levers

Since it was founded 120 years ago, SPIE has been able to reinvent itself and identify effective ways of supporting its customers while ensuring sustainable development. In order to implement its strategy, the Group's actions currently concern three main levers.

Providing solutions for the transition

Thanks to its expertise in the areas of energy and communications, SPIE is particularly well positioned to develop solutions tailored to the changes affecting its customers, such as new forms of mobility, the energy transition, 5G and smart infrastructure.

Carrying out external growth operations

Acquisitions allow the Group to quickly seize opportunities in growth sectors and develop its market share in the areas in which it is present in Europe.

Investing in digital and technological innovation

This approach permeates all of SPIE's activities, with three major benefits: the development of solutions with high added value for its customers, the ability to support new uses, and improved performance in the management of its projects, particularly in terms of energy efficiency.

A virtuous financial model

SPIE's strategy is based on an effective financial model that enables it to generate the financial resources needed to achieve its ambitions. It is based on two pillars:

Operational discipline:

SPIE is constantly improving its processes and innovating to ensure customer satisfaction while optimising costs.

Strong cash generation:

the result of rigorous management, this allows the Group to continue its development through external growth while reducing its debt ratio and rewarding its shareholders.

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