Our 48,000 employees are our most valuable asset. They allow us to stand out to our customers thanks to their expertise and their commitment and they form a community of entrepreneurs. They work within a local network driven by our values of responsibility, performance and proximity.

Deploying our local network

SPIE has 8 country or specialist subsidiaries and more than 800 sites, which allow the Group to operate as closely as possible to each regional and sectoral environment.  

Responsible and autonomous in operational terms, our subsidiaries are dedicated to supporting each of our customers throughout the value chain, while developing long-term relationships based on trust. 

To do so, they benefit from three major assets: 

  • A strong local presence and in-depth knowledge of the sector, which allows them to collaborate with customer teams over the long term.
  • An ability to take account of new regulatory, technological and environmental requirements in order to upgrade existing facilities.
  • An ability to offer high value-added and customized services to customers by sharing expertise, best practices and innovations within the Group.