SPIE's governance

SPIE's governance, consisting of the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors, supports the Group's ambition to participate in the fight against climate change and adapt social areas in order to achieve an energy transition and digital transformation that will bring sustainable progress for every citizen. With this in mind, the management team and the Board of Directors drive and support an agile and robust business model, adopting best practices in relation to ethical and responsible governance.

SPIE SA bylaws Internal rules of the Board of Directors, adopted on 2nd of November, 2023

The Management Team

The Executive Committee defines SPIE's economic, environmental and social objectives. It defines the Group's operational strategy and steers its implementation to achieve the objectives set, while ensuring the consistency of the actions undertaken. It mobilises all employees around a shared ambition.

The management team is composed of 13 members, reflecting the Group's European footprint. It includes the managing directors of the main operating subsidiaries, together with the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, as well as the Chief Financial Officer, the Director of Human Resources, the Director of Strategy, Development and Acquisitions, the CSR Director and the Director of Operational Support.


The Board of Directors

As a collegiate body, the Board of Directors collectively represents all the shareholders and acts in the Group's corporate interest at all times. It determines the guidelines for SPIE's business and ensures that they are implemented.

The principles governing its composition are as follows:
- Gender parity
- Diversity of nationalities, reflecting the Group's footprint in Europe
- The presence of independent Directors
- The presence of an employee Director on the remuneration committee
- An appropriate level of skills. Its CSR and Governance Committee has established a matrix of directors' skills to ensure that the Board of Directors has the necessary skills to carry out its tasks of monitoring and supporting the company's strategy.

Since its IPO in 2015, SPIE has taken numerous actions to develop more responsible governance. These actions were recognised in 2020 with the award of the “Board Composition” prize – SBF 80 category – as part of the Grands prix du Gouvernement d’Entreprise (grand prizes for corporate governance) awards organised by AGEFI.


Subject-specific governance arrangements

SPIE has set up dedicated governance bodies to manage certain subjects that are of strategic importance for its activities.

This is the case for Corporate Social Responsibility, with CSR governance being rolled out at all levels throughout the organisation. Its role is to design and implement the CSR roadmap, while aiming to set the benchmark in this area. It includes the CSR Governance Committee of the Board of Directors, the Group and countries’ CSR Committees, the Executive Committee, the management committees of subsidiaries and the CSR Committee of the European Works Council.

SPIE has also rolled out specific ethical governance for the implementation of its demanding ethics and compliance policy. It is thus supported by a Group Ethics Committee and a Group Compliance Committee, which are replicated in each subsidiary. A rigorous risk control system has also been designed in response to the decentralised nature of SPIE's activities: operational risk management is carried out within each entity, while cross-functional management is provided by a dedicated governance structure.