e-fficient buildings

As an inseparable part of a Smart City, Smart Buildings offer a new vision of property value. For the challenges of sustainable construction, there is now a range of technologies and services geared towards the wellbeing of a building’s occupants, the flexibility of the installations and the development of new usage practices.

Five challenges to design your building in a different way. And guaranteeing its value throughout its life cycle.


Prioritising sustainable buildings

As part of COP21, our priority is to minimise the carbon footprint of a building throughout its life cycle. An integrated and planned approach involving all the stakeholders concerned, from installations with high energy performance to management of the highest environmental standards, such as BREEAM.

Highlighting the ultra-connected building

The connected building is a new way of designing, planning and operating real estate property. As a major stakeholder in building transformation in Europe, we participate in the most innovative projects addressing challenges such as system interoperability, digital data use and flexible and intelligent buildings.

User experience takes centre stage

Occupant wellbeing and comfort, space flexibility, collaborative applications, convergence between building and mobility... we deploy a broad ecosystem of services centred on the users to allow them to interact with their surroundings and improve their day-to-day activities, within a controlled living environment.

BIM at the heart of your property project

As pioneers in BIM in Europe, we use the most efficient tools to streamline interventions at each stage of a building’s life as well as to bring into play new innovations during the construction, operation and maintenance processes, for example with the creation of digital twins.

Welcome to the age of Smart FM

Guaranteeing the continuity of service and high availability of installations throughout the year, simplifying the lives of users and operators, improving comfort and security of goods and people, optimising equipment performance... there are so many challenges that our digital solutions, such as Smart FM 360°, address.