120 years of sharing a vision for the future

The history of a company sometimes starts with an unparalled ambition: that of a visionary entrepreneur, the Baron Edouard Empain, fascinated by the new uses for electricity.​​​​​

After taking part in the creation of the Paris Metro in the 1900s, SPIE kept on achieving international growth. Despite two world wars and multiple industrial upheavals, his ambition remains intact: to improve quality of life through innovative technical services. The post-War reconstruction of Europe reaffirms this vocation. Starting in the 2000s, SPIE broadens its multi-technical skills and becomes the largest independent European group in its field.

SPIE still stands true to its roots. Its pioneer spirit continues to drive its teams, together with the commitment to a progressive society. Started over a century ago, this industrial saga has given rise to a unique group that we would like to introduce to you.

A History of SPIE, born and reborn – an interactive book

Relive the history of SPIE in augmented reality. The 350 page e-book ‘A history of SPIE, born and reborn’ takes you on an interactive tour of the Group’s history, with 3D animation, maps, video and audio clips, exclusive documents from the archive, and more.

Naître et Renaître