Values & ethics

Proximity, performance and responsibility: our three values are at the heart of our corporate culture. In all our business areas, these values guide our actions and decisions. In each of our regions, we recruit talent who embody our values and whose expertise we deploy. They inspire the leadership principles applied by the Group's managers and are also reflected in our ethical standards.

Values that nurture relationships with our stakeholders

As the company's largest shareholders, our employees are the drivers of the energy transition and digital transformation: on the ground, they are the ones who transform SPIE's strategy into concrete, useful solutions for our customers. Our shared values form the basis of our employees' know-how and the relationship that we want to have with our stakeholders.


Picto Performance

Each employee is responsible for ensuring SPIE's operational and financial excellence. It is this commitment to always do better and to view each project of the Group and of our customers as our own that drives our spirit of initiative and nourishes our entrepreneurial fibre.

The proof? Industry-leading profit margins and strong cash generation, with a cash conversion ratio of 109% in 2023.



Picto Proximité

We are close to our customers, not only geographically but also through our knowledge of their business areas and expectations. We cultivate long-term relationships of trust with them and our partners.

The proof? 70% of the customers in SPIE's portfolio are repeat customers.



Picto Responsabilité

Our safety and that of our colleagues, customers and users is our number one priority. We want to make SPIE a place where everyone's health, freedom of expression and freedom to be themselves are guaranteed. This respect also applies to the environment and drives our desire to be exemplary in managing our carbon emissions.

The proof? The ambitious targets we have set ourselves to reduce our environmental footprint and improve the quality of life at work by 2025.

Ethical approach: a rigorous code of ethics and a whistleblowing procedure

In line with the way it values responsibility, SPIE is committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity. The aim is not only to ensure that our practices comply with the laws and regulations in force, but also to gain and maintain the trust of our stakeholders over time. We have set out our rules of conduct in a code of ethics and in an implementation guide distributed to all employees. Our internal and external stakeholders can also report any behaviour that they consider unethical according to the procedure for collecting and processing reports and alerts.

13 leadership principles shared by managers

As a service company, SPIE considers its employees to be its main asset. From this point of view, leadership excellence is a fundamental success factor. Managers play a crucial role in inspiring each of our employees to make a long-term commitment, to innovate and to give their best to our customers. To support them in their missions, we have defined leadership principles entitled "BE SPIE". These principles are the operational expression of our values and are illustrated by examples of concrete behaviours to be adopted on a daily basis with our teams and customers. Applied throughout the entire Group, these principles help to strengthen SPIE's economic and social performance.

  • Adopt and promote the ONE SPIE approach, which enables synergies between subsidiaries
  • Ensure that there is no compromise on our values and ethics
  • Take responsibility for promoting SPIE's health, safety and environmental culture
  • Give meaning
  • Deliver sustainable performance
  • Define and implement an ambition
  • Lead by example
  • Develop a 360° feedback culture
  • Create team spirit while acting as a "coach" to the employees under you
  • Spend time in the field
  • Embrace change as an opportunity
  • Accept mistakes and learn from them, if made in good faith and in a transparent manner
  • Simplify