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Press release
Annemasse, first local authority in Haute-Savoie to sign an energy performance service contract

Lyon, 4 September 2013 - SPIE Sud-Est and the town of Annemasse have announced the signing of an energy performance service contract for six buildings in the town.

For 6 sites:
  > 25% reduction in energy consumption
  > 29% cut in carbon emissions

This eight-year contract covers three schools (Marianne Cohn primary school, and the Les Hutins and Saint Exupéry establishments), the Martin Luther King sports complex, the La Maison des Sports centre and Annemasse town hall. For these six sites, SPIE has given an undertaking to achieve, in the course of time, reductions of 25% in energy consumptions and 29% in CO2 emissions.

As from July this year, SPIE Sud-Est started work on the heating, ventilation and air conditioning installations entrusted to it, in order to take advantage of the summer season when the sites are not so busy. SPIE Sud-Est will base the measurement and verification of its energy performance improvement work on the international IPMVP* protocol. As part of this project, information campaigns will be conducted to alert municipal employees to the importance of energy savings.

“The transparent management of our operations, traceability and reporting procedures we are adopting will give the town of Annemasse a clear picture of the quality control of our work,” says energy engineer Frédéric Hérin who is head of Energy Efficiency Services at SPIE Sud-Est. “In addition, we are drawing on the experience we gained from the first energy performance service contract in France, which we signed with Saint Etienne Museum of Modern Art. In that project, we achieved even better results than we had promised, reducing energy consumption by 54.4% and cutting carbon emissions by 65%.

“The town of Annemasse launched its energy consumption management campaign several years ago, with the setting up of an energy department,” explains Philippe Pélissier, Manager of the Annemasse Energy Department. “In order to comply with the energy saving commitments planned in the Grenelle environmental laws and the associated Agenda 21 requirements, our town decided to sign an energy performance contract with SPIE which would provide us with its skills in the operation of heating, air treatment and control installations which are becoming increasingly complex and technically sophisticated. SPIE is taking charge of all the necessary work and operation, and will be paid on the basis of the energy saving achieved which is a good way of guaranteeing results.”

*IPMVP is a protocol design to quantify energy savings achieved after implementing energy efficiency solutions. Developed by an American engineers’ association, validated by France’s Grenelle environmental forum and recommended by ADEME energy management agency and the French ministry of ecology, energy, sustainable development and regional development (MEEDDAT), this is expected to quickly be adopted as a compulsory measurement tool for energy efficiency projects and related solutions.

About the town of Annemasse

Located at an altitude 433 metres, Annemasse is one of the three main economic centres in the French department of Haute-Savoie. Comprising 12 communes and sharing a border with Geneva, this area occupies a privileged geographic position at the opening of the Alpine valleys in northern Haute-Savoie and at the heart of the Lake Geneva basin. Annemasse, which now has a population of 32,790, has enjoyed dramatic growth since the inter-war years and, as a result, has developed from a quiet market town into the department’s second biggest economic centre.


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