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Press release
Areva - Comhurex entrusts a new contract to SPIE Sud-Ouest
The Areva group has awarded SPIE Sud-Ouest a new electrification contract including high-voltage systems (main LV switchboard, power on Ethernet and Profibus networks, energy distribution, lighting in areas with explosive atmospheres), low-voltage systems (optical fibre cables, fire detection, gas detection, telephony) and instrumentation (valves, meters, flowmeters, level detectors, pressure transmitters, etc.) for its new building in Narbonne. This new facility will provide the Areva group with new installations to convert uranium to uranium hexafluoride, a key step in the fuel cycle prior to enrichment and the manufacture of the fuel needed in nuclear reactors. This contract, under the supervision of the Languedoc-Roussillon regional office, is worth a total of €495,000 divided up as follows:
  • 50% for the Languedoc-Roussillon regional office (for HV and LV installations),
  • 50% for the Midi-Pyrénées Grand Toulouse department (for instrumentation).
This work is to be completed in November. Contact SPIE SA
Pascal Omnès
Communications director
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