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Audi increases its co-operation with SPIE

The German subsidiary of the independent European leader in the areas of energy and communication services guarantees the availability of the technical systems at the new Audi factory in Münchsmünster (Bavaria).


Essen, 13 February 2014 – SPIE GmbH has announced it has signed a three-year contract with AUDI AG to manage the automaker’s facilities at its new factory in Münchsmünster.

Covering an area of approximately 42 hectares and with planned further stage-by-stage development up until 2016, the Audi factory in Münchsmünster is dedicated to the production of new car parts. SPIE GmbH will be responsible essentially for the maintenance of the technical systems, and for ensuring the optimum operation of production and secondary processes. SPIE GmbH will also provide Audi with services in the areas of infrastructure and logistics.

Just as on its other sites, Audi’s aim is to manage its production in a sustainable manner. This objective is supported by SPIE GmbH via the blueFM system, which the facilities manager will use to constantly and proactively analyse and optimise the ecological impact of the work flows and each technical solution. For example, SPIE GmbH will control and improve the execution time of the technical systems, and may be required to change lighting systems in order to improve them, or modernise pumps and electric power units to make them more cost-effective.

Audi and SPIE are thus strengthening their co-operation, which started in 2000 via the facility management (FM) contract for the Audi Hungaria Motor assembly plant in Győr, Hungary, a contract which has just recently been extended until 2016.



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