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Press release
Belgium - ING entrusts €9 million worth of work to SPIE Belgium
The Brussels based bank, ING Belgium, is embarking on the complete renovation of its 50,000 sq. m. headquarters, accommodating more than 3,000 office workers in Cours Saint-Michel, Brussels. For this undertaking, it has chosen SPIE Belgium's Building Systems Department to provide all the necessary HVAC and electrical engineering services. The contract is worth a total of €9 million, including €7 million for HVAC and €2 million for electrical engineering. As the project is to be carried one floor at a time with the site still occupied, the work has been split into a number of phases to be completed over a five-year period. The main challenge for the HVAC teams is to build a temporary parallel system ensuring that the HVAC function continues to operate on floors that are still occupied, while dismantling and replacing the duct systems on floors to be renovated. At the same time, air conditioning must remain fully operational. The temporary systems must avoid any contamination between the old and new systems. Electrical engineering teams will replace all the electrical installations in the building, including:
  • lighting,
  • power distribution (cable and wiring trays),
  • upgrading of a low-voltage switchboard supplying power to all patch rooms (housing telephony and fibre-optic equipment, etc., on each floor),
  • adaptation of lighting switchboards.

The difficulty faced by these teams, in addition to ensuring good co-ordination with other trades, is that the power supply to parts of the building not concerned by the renovation must not be interrupted during the succession of work phases. Contact SPIE SA
Pascal Omnès
Communications director
Tel.: +33 (0)1 34 22 58 21