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Press release
Belgium: Three new contracts for the Building Systems division
The electrical contracting department of SPIE Belgium's Building Systems division certainly has the wind in its sails when it comes to winning contracts, with three new projects due to be launched in the near future.
  • Electrical contracting teams are ready to start work in Nossegem (near Zaventem) for Colt Telecom which chose SPIE to fit out one of its Data Centres. This company rents out secure spaces where businesses can install their IT servers. These spaces have mirror technical installations to guard against the risk of power outages. SPIE is fitting out nearly 1,000 sq. m. for the Data Centre and about 200 sq. m. of technical rooms. The installation comprises a high-voltage substation, four 2,000 kVA transformers, six distribution panels worth nearly €1 million and 21 static switches to switch power sources without having any effect on users. All these items call for a great deal of cabling, installed and connected up by SPIE including, in particular, 12,000 metres of 240 mm² single-pole cable. SPIE's will also cater for special needs such as a high-level earthing system, lighting and a water leak detection system.
    Work has just begun on the site and is to be completed in October this year.
    This contract is worth a total of €3 million.
  • In August, work will start on new offices for Belgian mobile telephony operator Mobistar, in Evere. The new building will feature 22,000 sq. m. of parking on three levels and 29,000 sq. m. of office space on six levels. SPIE is to take charge of all the electrical installation work. This includes installing a 3 MVA medium-voltage substation with three 1,000 KVA transformers, six main low-voltage switchboards, 45 secondary distribution panels, 7,600 light fittings and 1,500 fire detectors. Mobistar also wants two emergency generator sets: a 250 kVA generator for the building and lifts and a 500 kVA generator to cater for the needs of personnel.
    This work is due for completion by September 2009 but the first floor must be operational by June 2009.
    This contract is worth €2.8 million.
  • The last of the three contracts concerns electrical installations for Brucargo (Brussels airport). A new storage area is being constructed at the back of the airport, and a first warehouse is to be opened. SPIE will take care of lighting and wiring and will also install a 630 kVA medium-voltage substation and distribution panels. Owing to the demands of this project (fitting out a warehouse), the team members must have a head for heights skills as they will be working at least 12 metres above the ground.
    Work is scheduled to start in July and must be finished in December.
    This contract is worth €900,000.
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