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Press release
Bordeaux light transit system: Bordeaux urban authority awards a new contract to SPIE

SPIE Sud-Ouest transport engineering department has secured a contract from the Urban Community of Bordeaux, which manages the city's light transit system, to provide onboard remote-control equipment for the management of points and traffic light signals. This project includes the design, engineering, development, installation and maintenance of points and traffic light control systems. Control boxes, which are to be installed on board new trams supplied by Alstom, will allow the remote control of traffic light changes and the detection of the arrival of trams at traffic light controlled junctions so as to give them priority over other vehicles and manage rail signalling systems. The operators will be trained in the use of these systems by SPIE Sud-Ouest transport engineering teams. Work is to start at the end of October and will continue for an initial one-year phase. A four-year agreement has also been reached on a price list for the equipping of additional trams. This contract establishes SPIE Sud-Ouest as an onboard equipment installer for rolling stock manufacturers. The basic section of this contract is worth €260,000.