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Press release
Charging stations for electric vehicles: SPIE Ouest-Centre wins two major contracts in Morbihan

A significant reaffirmation of the SPIE Group's development strategy relating to electric mobility services


Saint-Herblain, 29 February 2016 – Following on from the installation of 80 charging stations for electric vehicles in Vendée in 2014, SPIE Ouest-Centre has confirmed its strong growth in the electric mobility market by winning two new tenders in Morbihan. The first contract, signed last April, relates to the roll-out of 250 charging stations across the French Department. The second, which was concluded just a few weeks ago, relates to the overall management and operation of those 250 stations, providing supervision and maintenance services as well as an electronic payment system. In the future, it should be possible for drivers of electric cars to travel all over the Department without the risk of "running out of gas".

Launched by the "Morbihan énergies" syndicate and concluded in April 2015, the first contract provides for the installation, throughout the Department, of 250 accelerated electric charging points (from 3 to 22 kW), for completion by 2019 and for a sum of €500,000 per year. By the end of 2016, 180 to 190 terminals will be put in place. In addition to carrying out studies and providing and installing the stations, the teams from SPIE Ouest-Centre will also be responsible for connecting and commissioning them.

Management of user services: a second major contract with Morbihan énergies 

This second contract represents the culmination of the strategic shift undertaken by the SPIE group at the end of 2014 in terms of electric mobility and which is aimed at providing a set of services to "our customers' customers", that is to say users of electric vehicles. "Simply creating a network of charging stations is not enough. You also have to make sure they work properly and offer a complete, high-quality charging service for drivers in order that electric mobility is freeand reliable to use.", says Bruno Vaslin, SPIE's development manager for electric mobility solutions.

Jo Brohan, President of Morbihan énergies, has no doubts in this respect: "We can now say that electric mobility has become a reality in Morbihan! By providing access to electric charging for everyone as a result of this roll-out, sustainable mobility is definitely going places in our region."

In partnership with IBM, HIPAY and INGENICO, SPIE Ouest-Centre will be responsible, on behalf of Morbihan énergies, for running the commercial, electronic payment and technical services relating to the network of charging stations. This comprehensive offer, called ORIOS, ranges from remote surveillance of the stations, to the administrative and commercial management of the services provided to customers of Morbihan énergies, and also includes the implementation and management of electronic payment solutions. With regard to the latter, SPIE has in particular developed a mobile solution for drivers that integrates secure online payment methods. The charging service is therefore available anywhere, to anyone with a payment tag, smartphone or debit card.

"Electric mobility is one of the key factors in the energy transition for combating noise disruption and air pollution" notes Bruno Vaslin. “The choice made by the community in Morbihan to contract with SPIE for the entire project, from the installation of the stations through to the management of users and the network of stations, shows that the SPIE Group's decision to shift towards offering services to drivers was a step in the right direction for the future. This project will play a part in expanding the use of electric mobility and is a significant asset in the developments under way in our Smart Grid and Smart City activities."




Pascal Omnès
Communications Director
Tel: +33 (0)1 34 41 81 11


Solenn Joret
Communications Manager
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