Charging stations: SPIE supports the boom of electric cars

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To fight against global warming, urban development must be completely rethought, and integrate the deployment of intelligent transport system. Thanks to an offer of charging infrastructure for electric cars, SPIE guides its customers through this mutation in France and Europe.


To face the environmental changes, the city of tomorrow should be more responsible and sustainable, and the electric transport network (rail, car) has to take an important place. As a leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, SPIE offers innovative solutions of charging stations for electric vehicles.

The development of charging stations network

As sales of electric cars (EVs) have been booming in the past years, the infrastructure of charging network for electric car (self-service car) begins to grow in European big cities. In the world, there are already more than 65,000 charging points, and almost 3,500 public stations for electric cars in France, according to the official map of charging stations ( As a matter of fact, France and Norway are currently the best examples of electromobility: they both represent more than 50% of EVs registrations (according to Avere-France study). At a national level, the charging infrastructure should continue its development thanks to the law on energy transition for green growth. Indeed, the French government has projected to install 7 million of charging stations for electric cars by 2030.

In light of those observations, SPIE assists his clients in their transition towards sustainable mobility.
The group has already set up numerous electric cars charging stations for car manufacturers and numerous public and private players. SPIE has created the 1st private network infrastructure of charging stations in Europe for the French company La Poste. The group also works hand in hand with big automakers like Renault or Tesla Motors, and creates advanced chargers for electric cars.

Charging stations with cloud technology

In parallel, SPIE has designed a tool entirely dedicated to the maintenance and management of the charging stations network based on a partnership with IBM. This "IBM Inside" solution proves to be a central supervision platform that allows an optimal management of the services dedicated to operators and professionals, available to electric cars users. The application provides all the statistics on the nature and frequency of use, maintenance of recharging points and has flexible payment solutions (via smartphone).
This tool completely illustrates the ambition of SPIE: taking advantage of smart technology to provide its customers with a high quality service.