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Press release
The City of Bordeaux entrusts SPIE Sud-Ouest with the maintenance and operation of technical installations at its primary and junior schools
For five years as from the beginning of May, the Aquitaine regional office's maintenance department will be responsible for the management and overall maintenance of the heating and hot water installations at about 70 primary and junior schools in Bordeaux. This €3.4 million contract covers the following services:
  • the operation and maintenance of technical installations (P2), with a special clause providing for a commission linked to the performance of existing installations;
  • major overhaul and prior upgrading of installations (P3);
  • consulting duties, the setting up of a site quality plan and site-specific reporting on the running of installations.
It should also be noted that the following schemes are to be launched as part of a sustainable development plan adopted by the City of Bordeaux:
  • a performance plan for equipment replacement services in order to enhance the schools' energy efficiency;
  • an environmental management system for each site (ECO MAPPING and EASY EMAS systems);
  • an energy efficiency and environmental management system.
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