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Press release
City of Pau and Urban Community of Pau-Pyrénées buildings: SPIE Sud-Ouest targets 15% energy savings by 2019

Toulouse, 2 May 2016 – SPIE Sud-Ouest has just entered the second year of its contract with the City of Pau and the Urban Community of Pau-Pyrénées for the maintenance and operation of heating, hot water and ventilation facilities in all of their respective buildings. The target is to reduce gas consumption by 15% by 2019 compared with 2014 levels.

Launched in 2014, this climate control engineering maintenance contract encompasses both the City of Pau and the Urban Community of Pau-Pyrénées, i.e. 116 buildings covering an area of more than 200,000 m2 (schools, crèches, gymnasiums, museums, Pau city hall, sports hall, jaï alaï , swimming pools, technical and social buildings). At around 30 of these facilities, SPIE Sud-Ouest has taken steps to reduce the amount of gas used for heating and hot water purpose. From an initial consumption level of 10 GWh/year, a first-level savings of 5% was made in the first operational year. By 2019 further savings of 10% should have been made.

In addition to maintenance and operation, the contract also includes the renovation of five boilers per year over the entire period, i.e. 25 by 2019. Some dilapidated facilities will be completely replaced, while others will be modernised and will integrate more recent technology. SPIE Sud-Ouest is also considering special solutions for some buildings, such as the installation of a wood cogeneration unit or solar thermal panels (on the roof of a sports complex).

“With 5% of energy savings in the first year, this contract once again demonstrates the way in which our know-how delivers fast, concrete, profitable results for local and regional authorities,” says Christophe Bonnenfant, Head of SPIE Sud-Ouest’s Aquitaine Maintenance Department. “A second phase is to provide support to users and staff of the concerned buildings in collaboration with the City of Pau and the Urban Community of Pau-Pyrénées.”

"This contract naturally forms part of the Agenda 21 programmes set up respectively by the City of Pau and the Urban Community of Pau-Pyrénées" says Florence Lang, Head of the Energy Unit at the Urban Community of Pau-Pyrénées’ Directorate of Buildings and Logistics. "Initial results are very encouraging and have spurred us on to go even further, in particular in training users in good practices in energy efficiency."



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