Energy transport and distribution

Integrated into the landscape, taking into account biodiversity and animal welfare, the new thinner, lower overhead lines are required to respond to environmental issues in the same way as they address capacity issues and the energy transition: bringing energy from its production location to consumers.


Solutions to improve electricity and gas networks. And position yourself at the centre of the energy transition.

Working together with large national energy suppliers, we are developing a range of multi-technical services designed to implement, maintain and develop gas and electricity networks. Guaranteeing reliability and safety of installations at all stages of energy transport and distribution; implementing innovative and competitive solutions through our energy and digital expertise, developing future technologies with our partners... these are the commitments that put us among Europe's leading suppliers of energy infrastructure services, a crucial sector for the transition to a low-carbon society.

Services for the entire value chain

To guarantee that electricity and gas networks are in equilibrium and to improve performance by reconfiguring the current lines, an extending range of services focused on the increasing transport and distribution capacity, ranging from intelligent electricity substation layout to digital intervention management (Field Service Management) and remote maintenance.

Foster the evolution of the energy mix

Additional interconnections, a higher transmission capacity of existing tracks and the renovation of existing networks… SPIE provides operators with solutions to feed smoothly the renewable energy to the power grid or to bring new offshore wind energy inland and to consumers all over the country.   

Future networks

Commitment to large-scale European energy and green plans: installing  more efficient high voltage overhead lines and pylons, integrating renewable energy sources into the network, developing smart grids, taking special care with soils, animals or biodiversity from the conception and planning of the project...