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With the ramp-up in digitalisation, companies are increasingly equipping themselves with audiovisual equipment and with collaborative and informative sharing tools.

Encouraging collaboration

SPIE supplies companies with a whole range of video and audio communication solutions for distributing high-quality audio-visual content.

These different forms of interoperable technology are capable of bringing together all types of users, whether they are physically present in meeting rooms, in front of their work station, travelling or working remotely.

The range of solutions developed by SPIE includes:

  • Multi-point high-definition video and web conferencing systems that are useful for remote collaboration.
  • Projection systems and conference screens.
  • Interactive whiteboards.
  • Public address and sound systems (meeting rooms, concert halls, etc.).
  • Turnkey training and conference rooms.

SPIE provides its customers with end-to-end support in meeting all their needs, from system design and project engineering to IT management.

By allowing meetings, training sessions and seminars to be held remotely, video conferencing systems help organisations improve their carbon footprint.