Industrial safety and security

Maximum safety for one of Europe’s largest light foam fire extinguishing systems: smart sensors (IoT) can detect a fire in a fraction of a second and stop the supply of oxygen to the flames. An illustration of our expertise in industrial safety.

Solutions to guarantee optimum security of your installations. And ensure the protection of your teams.

As specialists in industrial safety and security, in particular on sensitive Seveso sites, we have developed an all-encompassing approach ranging from equipment and installation control to smart systems used to manage industrial risk. Our solutions address several challenges: compliance with the regulatory requirements associated with permanent monitoring and obtaining the best market certifications; managing safety across the entire industrial site by fostering the sharing of best practices; and implementing digital security solutions for goods and people, including access control and cybersecurity services.

Regulatory compliance

ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications, ATEX regulations, new standards such as ISO 27001 for information systems… our regulatory expertise allows us to work in the most demanding environments, for example clean rooms in the pharmaceutical industry, where risk prevention includes antibacterial socket outlets and hermetic electrical installations.

Site security

Installation monitoring, fire safety systems, video surveillance and access control systems... our site security solutions are suited to any type of industrial site, however complex its installations:  from infrastructure and process security to advanced control systems such as radiation protection in nuclear power stations or the use of robots for pipeline inspection.

Material and equipment

Supporting changes towards the Industry 4.0, identifying electrical or mechanical risks, planning potentially hazardous installations, protecting critical industrial digital  data using data centres and cloud architecture... our services provide you with all the day-to-day security you need, which is essential for protecting your teams and guaranteeing the continuity of your activities. 

Industrial cybersecurity

Against a background of increasing industrial cyberattacks, cutting-edge solutions developed with major partners such as Airbus CyberSecurity. In-depth knowledge of the information flows passing through IT infrastructure, associated with expertise in business risks and new governance approaches for industrial information systems (IEC 62443 standard).

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