After a few taps on his smartphone to find the charging stations and reserve one remotely, Clément is all set to drive his electric car without worry. Welcome to a new approach to mobility, one that affects all transport sectors.

Mobility solutions to improve the transport sector. And reinvent it together.

Eco-mobility is linked to a global reflection on the quality of transport infrastructure, sustainable urban planning and improved regional travel. In addition to reducing CO2 emissions, other major subjects also need to be addressed, including smart traffic management, passenger safety and comfort, development in modes of transport, installation maintenance and operator performance. These key issues inspire our sustainable mobility solutions every day.

Transport infrastructure

Recognised expertise developed across all European transport sectors, from road tunnel planning and deployment of mobility information systems to modernising waterway, railway, port and airport infrastructure.


A commitment to deploy high-power charging networks alongside major pan-European operators, with partnerships aimed at promoting more ecological mobility. Complete installation, operation and maintenance solutions, offering a comprehensive service for users. 

Public transport

Underground railway, tramway and bus rapid transit systems... expertise aimed at increasing user satisfaction, from traveller information to access to the 4G network on underground railways, based on state-of-the-art solutions for transport operators, such as adapting traffic lights for vehicle flows.

Urban mobility

Comprehensive planning of the living environment to facilitate urban transport, from development of transport hubs to self-service bike systems. Solutions at the heart of the urban mobility of the future, including smart car parks or electric charging stations.


Un engagement aux côtés des grands opérateurs paneuropéens pour le déploiement des réseaux de charge haute puissance, avec des partenariats destinés à promouvoir une mobilité plus écologique. Des solutions complètes d’installation, d’exploitation et de maintenance, offrant un service global à l’usager.

Transports en commun

Métros, tramways, bus à haut niveau de service… des expertises centrées la satisfaction de l’usager, depuis l’information voyageur jusqu’à l’accès au réseau 4G dans le métro, s’appuyant sur des solutions de pointe pour les opérateurs de transport, telles que l’adaptation des feux tricolores au passage des véhicules.

Mobilité urbaine

Un aménagement global du cadre de vie destiné à faciliter les déplacements urbains, depuis le développement des pôles intermodaux jusqu’aux vélos en libre-service. Des solutions au cœur de la mobilité urbaine du futur, comme les parkings intelligents ou les stations de bornes de recharge électrique.

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