Urban Energy

Smart public lighting is one striking example of an innovative solution that brings together energy savings, residents’ quality of life and city beautification. From energy production to its consumption, Smart Energy has now become an integral part of the Smart city.

Comprehensive expertise to reduce energy consumption. And breathe new life into your region.

Smart energy solutions make it possible to integrate technological, economic, social and environmental factors in line with the lives of the inhabitants. The main challenges faced by local authorities include producing and distributing low-carbon energy; a new urban approach involving the creation of eco-districts and low-energy infrastructures; smart buildings; and piloting more sustainable models such as the C2C approach. In all these areas, we are contributing to major innovations by bringing together energy efficiency, digital expertise and consideration of new usage practices.

Production of low-carbon energy

Developing and managing all aspects of decentralised, reliable energy installations in order to provide an ecological and economical energy supply to conurbations: from solar farms and photovoltaic roofs to new cogeneration plants.

Transport and distribution networks

A specialist in electricity and gas infrastructure drawing on cutting-edge expertise in smart grids, from electricity lines and transformer station planning to digital management of operations and installation of gas storage wells.

Urban energy infrastructure

More ecological energy consumption with long-term control thanks to the modernisation of urban energy infrastructure: new public lighting, improved sewage treatment plants, modernisation of transport infrastructure, local renewable energy, etc.

Building energy performance

An innovative approach to transforming building management: smart piloting of technical installations using digital platforms, heat recovery for key equipment such as data centres, solar panels, new networked PoE lighting systems, etc.

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