Commercial and residential buildings

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With expertise in climatic and energy engineering, SPIE renovates commercial and residential buildings. Its activities range from rehabilitating old buildings to planning HQE® (High-Quality Environmental standard) sustainable buildings. The Group treats all types of facilities to optimise the global performance of buildings, including high schools, administrative buildings, hospitals, social housing, museums, athletic centres and shopping malls.

Renovating housing

SPIE helps modernise residential buildings, which account for more than 40% of energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Its expertise includes all aspects of climatic and energy engineering: electrical, sanitary and mechanical installations; energy management; access management; automated fire detection; etc.
Renovating buildings also means finding new ways to save energy. For this reason, SPIE updated Angers Habitat, a subsidised housing building, by installing 235 m2 of solar panels and 3 condensation boilers to meet all the building’s hot water needs. Similarly, for the new INPI head office in Courbevoie (France), the Group installed 1,100 m2 of photovoltaic panels to produce more energy than the building uses.

The Group also makes it a priority to integrate occupant activities into planning. For example, SPIE teams designed a Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system adapted to the needs of disabled adults in Saint-Martin-d’Hères (France). SPIE notably installed heat and smoke ventilation systems, heated floors to control temperature, as well as solar panels to produce domestic hot water.

Promoting the service industries

For everything from day spas and community centres to laboratories, SPIE uses its skills in electric supply, dynamic signs and climatic engineering to renovate commercial buildings.
Among its recent projects: construction of Morocco Mall in Casablanca (Morocco), renovation of Parc des Princes in Paris (France) and new lighting at the Yves Allainmat stadium in Lorient (France). At the Leuven Hospital in Belgium, SPIE designed and set up HVAC systems tailored to the needs of the emergency room, its 10 operating rooms and new sections of intensive care. With its broad range of expertise, SPIE delivers innovative solutions that meet the needs of every service sector activity.