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Today, regional communities need access to total coverage communications. At the same time, new technologies continue to create new uses in mobility and information sharing. SPIE works with communities to help improve access to digital resources by setting up reliable, efficient and high-performance telecommunication networks.

Setting up telecom networks

SPIE develops, integrates and maintains telecommunication networks using cutting-edge equipment adapted to the specific needs of each customer. The Group works across the entire value chain, from charting coverage to installing infrastructure, while ensuring round-the-clock site maintenance, contact and equipment delivery. SPIE is positioned to meet all the needs of operators, including infrastructure and maintenance.

As an example of recent work in this area, SPIE updated the antiquated telephone system at the Paris Observatory. The goal was to create a network to link 3 existing sites in France (Paris, Meudon and Nançay) to reduce the cost of telephone communications.
SPIE does more than simply replace old equipment, however. With a service policy based on innovation, the Group provides new services to regional communities. Among its most recent projects: an online solution for managing streetlights in the town of Ploemeur (France). This innovative system provides remote management and maintenance, as well as telemetering for streetlamps and public lighting systems.

Installing broadband networks

SPIE supports the installation of broadband and high-speed broadband networks – an essential challenge in connecting rural areas. In this field, the Group offers a variety of expertise, from negotiating installation sites to performing optic tests and measurements. SPIE has contributed to several broadband projects in Luxembourg and eastern France. For example, the Group helped Metz (France) pursue its digital development and set up several features of a connected city: broadcasting public information, improving communication between schools, promoting mobility and accessibility, creating forums for citizen input, etc. In addition SPIE installed a high-speed broadband network in Laval (France) for France Télécom.