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Press release
COP21: SPIE Communications provides digital installations and IT managed services for IT infrastructures at Le Bourget exhibition park

Malakoff,  30 November 2015 - The information systems department of France’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development entrusted SPIE Communications with installation work and IT managed services for COP21. This contract showcases this SPIE group digital services company’s expertise and know-how in managing major communication systems projects for international political events.

Special requirements regarding use and project management during events

Premises in fixed and modular halls, ranging from 4,000 to 20,000 sq. m in area, have been set aside at the Le Bourget exhibition park for the media, businesses, officials, delegations and members of the French President’s Office and the UNO. To provide those premises with optimal reception and digital coverage during this event, the French Foreign Affairs Ministry decided to rely on SPIE Communications for the installation of cabling and unified communications infrastructure as well as for IT managed services. The communication systems enable delegations attending the conference to keep in touch with their various countries and journalists to contact their newsdesks.

For more than 10 years, SPIE Communications has been organising digital installations for important international meetings, such as G7, G8, G20 and NATO summits and EU Council meetings. This has consolidated its specialist experience in the deployment of digital services in short lead times for major events and in accordance with government protocols.

A project reflecting global challenges

Services provided by SPIE Communications for COP21 include:

  • Deployment of cabling infrastructure: Teams from SPIE Communications were entrusted with ensuring coverage for an area totalling 180,000 sq. m by installing 4,200 connection points and 200 km of cable (fibre-optic and copper) for the operation of IT and telephone systems during the event. These installations ensure security and redundancy for all data centre links to optimise the communication infrastructure.
  • Mobile and Mixel landline telephony: These installations are for the use of the general secretariats of government departments and the UNO. Services may include supply, settings, installation and technicians for interventions on site.
  • Facilities management: Teams already responsible for providing Help Desk services and local services on government foreign affairs departments have been mobilised to prepare equipment (such as PCs, tablets and smartphones) for delegations representing more than 400 VIP users. Some team members are stationed on site at Le Bourget to provide round-the-clock service for the duration of the conference.

Facilities for the storage of IT equipment and peripherals have been provided on site. SPIE Communications technicians will occupy offices on site, as near as possible to government delegations, in order to provide efficient support for the use of communication equipment and for the organisation of special sessions involving government ministers (press conferences).

"This project is another illustration of our expertise in special contexts, confirming our ability to adapt to extremely large areas of building, equivalent to the size of a digitally networked town with a population of 25,000," says Jérome Nier, smart building business development manager.

Eco-responsible methodology and project management

As soon as work started on this project, SPIE Communications projects department took steps to ensure its teams carried out their work in accordance with environmentally-friendly and strict security requirements, as follows:

  • Implementing a responsible purchasing policy to ensure environmentally-friendly green, socially responsible and ethical purchases;
  • Engineering to optimise lengths of cabling used and the re-use of existing materials on a secure basis;
  • Training in eco-driving and the use of electric vehicles on site and for journeys outside Le Bourget; 
  • Selecting technical personnel living near the relevant installation sites (i.e. in the department of Seine-Saint-Denis) in order to limit travelling distances and carbon emissions;
  • Using electric tools with low power consumptions;
  • Workshops promoting eco-responsible behaviour to be adopted on an everyday basis for an optimal sustainable environment;
  • Sorting IT waste and processing electrical and electronic equipment waste;
  • Training in safety measures, e.g. training team leaders in first aid, instructing safety officers to wear green armbands on site, implementing risk prevention plans, enforcing the use of PPE (personal protective equipment), and organising on-site awareness-raising workshops identifying risks and their management.



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Communications Director
Tel.: +33 (0)1 34 22 58 21

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Communications Manager
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Press relations Consultant
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