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Corporate social responsibility: SPIE placed in the top 1% of the 2017 EcoVadis ratings

Cergy, June 14th, 2017 – The corporate social responsibility policy put in place by SPIE, the European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, has reached its highest rating given by EcoVadis. By ranking SPIE amongst the 300 leading companies out of the 30,000 assessed in 2017, the ratings agency has recognised the progress made by the Group and its subsidiaries. The assessment focused on four key criteria: the environment, ethics/fair business practices, social issues, and the responsible nature of SPIE’s purchases.

As the world’s leading supplier CSR ratings agency, EcoVadis has since 2010 been tasked with assessing SPIE’s sustainability performance. The Group’s results have gone up year on year, and in 2017 it has once again been awarded ‘Gold’ status with an overall score of 74/100. SPIE also features amongst the top 1% most ethical companies across all categories.

SPIE one of the top 1% most ethical companies when it comes to CSR

SPIE’s CSR policy was assessed over four different areas: ethics, responsible purchasing, the environment and its social dimension. The 21 extremely demanding assessment criteria imposed by EcoVadis are based on international sustainable development standards such as the Global Reporting Initiative, the ISO 26000 standard and the UN Global Compact.

While SPIE’s performance from an environmental perspective remains excellent in 2017, the recent ranking has in particular highlighted the substantial efforts made to increase the Group’s commitment to social matters. The health and safety of staff, working conditions, social dialogue, career management, training and anti-discrimination are all criteria that are taken into account in the assessment. One of the factors behind this progress is the setting-up of the ‘So'SPIE Ladies’ internal network within the Group, which is made up of both men and women and is committed to promoting a better gender mix within the teams. Amongst the initiatives appraised as part of the assessment was the publication, in 2016, of a ‘Health & Safety Code’ by the Group’s Sustainable Development Department, for reminding staff of the key rules to follow as regards safety.

A CSR policy integrated within all of the subsidiaries

In its 2017 assessment, EcoVadis reserved special praise for the comprehensive and coherent CSR policy put in place by SPIE, which covers all the fields analysed.

Introduced in 2016, SPIE’s CSR policy revolves around four key areas: social, economic, corporate and environmental. Each of these areas covers three aspects, in order to give all stakeholders, including staff and clients, a clear overall understanding of SPIE’s CSR commitments. An international CSR committee monitors, at Group level, all the initiatives taken in this field.

“This rating reflects the general movement within the entire Group to better structure our CSR policy. SPIE has been striving to create a more sustainable world for more than ten years. We are proud to have received this recognition from EcoVadis,” explains Gilles Landry, SPIE’s Sustainable Development Director. “Our aims are simple: for everyone to view our commitment to CSR as one of the Group’s performance levers, and for our current and future partners to be able to recognise how important we regard CSR whenever they deal with us.”



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Group Communications Director
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Gilles Landry
Group Sustainable Development Director
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