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Press release
Creys Malville: new success for SPIE Nucléaire in the field of environment protection
Following on from a contract for multitechnical maintenance of two basic nuclear installations (reactor buildings and APEC fuel storage shop (1)) at the Creys Malville power plant, EDF CIDEN has awarded SPIE Nucléaire a new contract worth more than €1.4 million for the engineering, supply, installation and testing of 28 KRT(2) and KRZ(2) radiation and health protection monitoring systems. These will replace the plant's old equipment which has been obsolete for several years and requires increasingly frequent remedial maintenance work.

Creys Malville: new success for SPIE Nucléaire in the field of environment protection.

As a result of this new order, new measuring technology will be installed to extend the equipment's lifetime for 25 years.
The following systems will be replaced:
  • six liquid gamma measuring systems including, in particular, the replacement of the off-line measuring system, which performs sampling by means of a decentralised pump, with a measuring system integrated in the sump or clamped directly on the pipes to be monitored;
  • gas measuring systems for the low-level effluent stack , with the installation of two new racks;
  • part of the electronics for the dust and gas system;
  • all the gamma environment measuring probes;

The maintenance of this equipment will be ensured by teams already present at the Creys Malville power plant. These operations will be integrated into the maintenance programmes, and preventive maintenance will be scheduled in accordance with manufacturers' instruction. These measuring systems are to be commissioned before March 2012.
The contract is for 20 months but SPIE Nucléaire can expect to provide follow-up services for 25 years, supplying equipment for the nuclear facilities and ensuring stock management. (1) APEC: the acronym for the fuel storage shop.
(2) KRT and/or KRZ: equipment monitoring variations in radiological emissions of gases, dust and liquids, and providing a barrier for the protection of personnel and the environment.