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Press release
Diplomas for the ESTP SPIE class of 2014

Cergy, 16 March 2015 – Diplomas will be awarded to students from ESTP engineering school’s first class to be sponsored by SPIE, on March 20 at the UNESCO building. This ceremony will be attended by Group chairman and managing director Gauthier Louette, Gilles Brazey, deputy general manager France, and human resources director Thierry Smagghe.

Committed to supporting the 580 students who began their studies at ESTP in 2011, SPIE will be a special focus of attention throughout the ceremony through the participation of its main managers and the presence of former ESTP students who are now executives at the Group’s various subsidiaries.

SPIE has been pursuing an active policy of school-company partnerships for several years now. This sponsorship plan, like others launched earlier, has given the Group the opportunity to highlight its various trades and business activities by organising a great many events, such as meetings, simulated interviews and recruitments, visits to work sites and planning offices, days spent with business managers, and lessons given by SPIE managers (for mechanical and electrical engineering courses).

A number of other engineering schools (including INSA, ENSAM, Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble, and Technology University of Belfort-Montbéliard) also benefit from campaigns conducted by the Group to better prepare students for their first steps in working life and to recruit people with the skills required for SPIE’s development.

“We need to take on people with new skills, especially young engineers trained in our business fields. Every year, we hire between 1,000 and 1,200 employees on permanent contracts, 20% of whom are engineers employed as business engineers, project managers, design engineers and contract managers,” points out Gilles Brazey, deputy general manager France, who is, himself, a former ESTP student (academic year 1982, mechanical and electrical engineering section). “And experience shows that ESTP students are prepared in the best possible way to join a group like ours, owing to their enterprising spirit and their ability to adapt to our wide range of business activities.”

About ESTP

Since its founding, ESTP Paris has been developing its pedagogical expertise with and for the professional world. The creation of ESTP Paris in 1891 responded to the fast-paced needs of major construction projects during France’s second industrial revolution and was officially recognised in that capacity by the French State in 1921.
Now, this top-ranking “major project oriented” engineering school is a leader in the specialised fields of construction and urban development and it trains 30% of the personnel employed in its specialised sector.



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Communications director
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