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Press release
Disability Awareness Month at SPIE Ouest-Centre: rallying personnel round a new way of seeing things.

Saint Herblain, 10 April 2013 – The aim of SPIE Disability Awareness Month being held in April is to promote SPIE Ouest-Centre employees’ awareness of the subject of disability at work. This event’s specially targeted programme and its length are designed to back up the on-going campaign maintained throughout the year at this engineering and services group subsidiary.

Involving employees on construction sites

During SPIE’s Disability Awareness Month, campaign actions will be launched at various SPIE Ouest-Centre sites and will target employees, especially construction site personnel (who represent 61% of SPIE Ouest-Centre’s workforce). The aim is to change the mindset based on the idea that work on construction sites is incompatible with disabilities and, also, to encourage personnel to speak up about any disabilities they may have. When employees are affected by disabilities, SPIE Ouest-Centre proposes suitable, customised solutions to help them find new approaches to their existing jobs or to consider new ones.

Notably, from April 8 to 19, entertaining interactive terminals will be installed at the SPIE Ouest-Centre establishments at Niort (Deux-Sèvres), Donges (Loire-Atlantique) and Ploemeur (Morbihan) to give each employee a clearer idea of SPIE’s disability policy and of the steps taken to help individuals who are affected by a disability to remain in employment. Each terminal will be placed at the disposal of employees in stores (so as to be easily accessible for construction site personnel). Workshops promoting awareness of various disabilities (such as visual and hearing impairments) will be set up at those establishments to provide a stimulating approach to disability and encourage exchanges of views. These workshops will be organised to follow on from those already held in 2011 and 2012 (at 10 sites).

For SPIE Disability Awareness Month, SPIE Ouest-Centre has also come up with the idea of holding a photography contest which will continue until 3 May this year (“Got something to say about disability? Put us in the picture!). The goals are to push ahead with our campaign to raise the disability awareness of all employees (in thought and through discussion, etc.) and to use the photos submitted by personnel as a basis for future awareness-raising operations.

Disability policy: on-going actions

It is SPIE’s view that “diversity is an integral part of its corporate social responsibility and stimulates its development” (Diversity Charter signed in 2008). SPIE Ouest-Centre’s disability policy is defined in that spirit and in keeping with the corporate undertaking to promote the employment of people with disabilities signed in 2010.

At SPIE Ouest-Centre, a disability campaign manager supervises and organises SPIE’s disability policy at local level in four key areas: keeping disabled people in jobs, recruitment and integration, information and training, and developing purchases from sheltered employment sectors. SPIE’s Disability Awareness Month highlights the actions taken throughout the year, such as taking part in events focusing on the recruitment of disabled job seekers, raising disability awareness, promoting the policy of purchasing from disability-friendly and sheltered-workplace companies and taking steps to keep disabled employees in work such as job adaptations, human-engineering studies, job assessments, training, personal equipment (hearing aids, conversion of private cars), and paid half-days off for medical reasons connected with the relevant disability.

As a result of this policy, the company has more than 80 employees with disabilities and entrusted the provision more than €200,000 worth of services to disability-friendly and sheltered-workplace firms in 2012.

Schedule of on-site awareness-raising workshops:

  • Niort: Monday 8 April from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Donges: Monday 15 April from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • Ploemeur: Friday 19 April from 1.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.


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