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Agri-food industry

Meeting the challenges of the agri-food sector with diversified know-how and a commitment to the environment

Agri-food expertise at SPIE: bespoke solutions for a demanding sector

The agri-food industry is facing complex societal challenges, including the need to reduce its environmental impact (controlling resources, production of renewable energy) and improve public health (compliance with sanitary and nutritional quality standards, transparency towards consumers), while optimising the production and distribution chains.

SPIE operates in different agri-food fields and has been developing recognised skills and expertise for many years.

  • Working towards the ecodesign of flexible and sustainable buildings: medium voltage electricity distribution networks (Medium voltage: approximately 20,000 V), power plants, high power – low power, installation and distribution of utilities, cold air treatment and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning), technical facility management, building safety and security.
  • Working to save energy with an environmentally responsible approach: optimising the consumption of utilities and processes (energy savings certificates or ESC), energy efficiency, renewable energies.
  • Providing a digital response to boost the performance of industrial processes: PLCs, DCSs (Distributed Control Systems), control-command and monitoring, industrial IT, communication infrastructures and networks, instrumentation and control, data management and traceability, cybersecurity and food security.
  • Designing and integrating innovative solutions: engineering, fluid mechanics, robotics and cobotics, transitics, special machines, industrial transfer.
  • Offering/providing a local service: industrial maintenance of utilities, processes, technical support, telemaintenance, on-call personnel or hotline.

As part of its CSR policy, SPIE undertakes to provide environmentally-friendly solutions and to contribute to the sustainability of the agri-food sector. SPIE also makes use of the latest technological solutions to optimise its clients’ processes, reduce their environmental footprint and promote food security.

Our expertises

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