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As a corporate citizen, SPIE works to fulfil its social responsibility by making diversity one of its top priorities. This involves taking steps to guarantee equal opportunity for all within the Group and developing a charter that clearly states our commitments. These commitments are translated into concrete actions at all of the Group’s subsidiaries and entities.

A diversity charter to communicate our commitments

Diversity is a central part of social responsibility and is, above all, a critical advantage: it stimulates the Group’s development, boosts its image and improves employee satisfaction. For this reason, SPIE has put in place a proactive policy to combat discrimination, and to promote equal opportunity and equal treatment. The policy is outlined in a diversity charter, which is communicated to employees, customers, suppliers and partners. 


Committees taking concrete action

In 2008, SPIE created the Group Diversity Committee. Composed of representatives from Group subsidiaries, it tracks the progress of initiatives, analyses the evolution of key indicators and outlines priority actions. Local Committees are being progressively set up within subsidiaries to spearhead these actions. The Diversity Committee relies on the commitment of all. Managers and employees drive these efforts by promoting diversity on a daily basis among colleagues, customers and suppliers. 


Improving gender parity: an ongoing commitment

SPIE works in a technical sector that remains dominated by men from a demographic standpoint. For this reason, the Group endeavours to strike a balance among its teams by promoting its businesses among women. To this end, the subsidiaries and entities lead communications efforts at engineering, business and technical schools all year round to increase understanding of the variety of businesses and activities available at SPIE. 


Moving towards more age diversity

Our senior employees are a source of crucial expertise, which they transmit to younger and/or less experienced employees. 

Several efforts are undertaken at different entities all throughout the year to ensure the sharing of this expertise: publication of a senior employee guide for “generation contracts,” as well as specific tutoring, training and shadowing efforts, etc. 

Facilitating employment for workers with disabilities

The SPIE Disability Committee is composed of disability specialists who coordinate and deploy SPIE’s Disability Policy on the local level through a variety of efforts: job retention, recruiting and integration, increased sourcing from companies employing disabled workers, and disability awareness and training. 


All throughout the year, workshops are organised to raise awareness among teams, and partnerships are created with specialised organisations. Targeted recruitment efforts are also conducted to reach more potential applicants. A high point in this commitment is the “SPIE Disability Month”, which organises unique events (quizzes, photo contests, disabled sports events, debates, etc.) designed to enable all Group employees to reflect on disabilities. For example, a partnership was developed between SPIE UK and the UK Ministry of Defence to promote the employment of disabled veterans wounded in service.  


Encouraging diverse backgrounds

To promote a diversity of backgrounds and to enable applicants from disadvantaged areas to discover the company, several partnerships have been formed with local communities, including the Plaine Commune (Seine-Saint-Denis, France). Young people from local youth centres are also invited to take part in corporate discovery workshops, while special programmes are in place for the long-term unemployed. 


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